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The Health and Healing Episode: Medshare, Shoe4Africa and You Can Thrive

There's a new episode with excellent interviews that needs attention, STAT! We'll hear from three organizations in the field of medicine including Medshare which redirects medical surplus from landfills to developing healthcare systems, Shoe4Africa which built a children's hospital in Africa from the ground up and You Can Thrive which holistically supports women as they deal with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Snapping on their rubber gloves and buckling their head mirrors alongside of me are two caring and thoughtful medical professionals. I'm joined by nurse Melissa (who gives us the latest on her own organization Purses for Nurses) and the newly-minted doctor, Brandon Adelson! (In the episode I mistakenly use Brandon's middle name, Alexander, instead of his last name.)

Be sure to RSVP (Facebook) for our BYOB networking picnic on June 19th! (And if you're from the future, be sure to check out Nonprofit Tangent on Facebook to find our next event)

Be sure to learn more about these organizations by following these links:

Medshare: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Shoe4Africa: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

You Can Thrive: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Purses for Nurses: Original Interview / Web Site / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

I KNOW you loved our soundtrack so be sure to check out NYC's own Institute for Flyer Learning and get their album! My thanks for letting me use their music AGAIN. Listen on Soundcloud too.



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