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The Environment Episode

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This episode I hear from some environmental Davids who are enthusiastically staring down the Goliaths of climate change, waste and many other pressing environmental issues. We'll hear stories from Kaia Rose, the director of Climate Countdown which is making climate politics and solutions much more accessible, Robert Lee of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine who has found a way to make enormous environmental gains while helping support New York’s food insecure and Justin Bulova & Emily Stewart of Grades of Green which is showing students and children everywhere that they can also be environmental leaders. Helping provide context for this episode are CSI social entrepreneurs Bill Levey of Naeco and Amer Jandali of Future Meets Present.

Music throughout this episode is generously provided by The Institute of Flyer Learning.

Climate Countdown Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

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Grades of Green Waste Campaign / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Pintrest

My thanks again to all these wonderful people who helped make this episode possible. And don't forget to check out our meetup happening on January 9th at Bell Book and Candle (also available on Facebook) where some of these leaders, as well as founders, directors and volunteers from previous episodes, will be sharing drinks and talking social good.



Brooklyn, NY, USA