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The Advice Episode: Good Counsel Services

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Happy Giving Tuesday! Since starting Nonprofit Tangent, I've ended almost every interview I've done with a simple question: What have you learned? This episode we get to hear those answers. So Instead of stories, I present the collected wisdom from (most of) the volunteers, founders, executive directors, and others I have spoken with over the past year and a half.

To help me sort through the excellent and diverse advice is Elizabeth David Dembrowsky, herself a founder of Good Counsel Services which provides organizational and legal guidance to nonprofit organizations, as well as Executive Director of Keren Or which helps blind children in Jerusalem.

The pearls of wisdom will come at you very fast this episode so I've assembled this quick listeners guide to help you keep track of who might be talking at any one time. Be sure to click the links to their appearances on Nonprofit Tangent as well!

Get Help

Carmin Caterina (Lessons for my Daughters)

Ambassador Rubina Ali (Global Learning Trust)

Ivan Dimov (Single Step)

Focus on the Mission

Ken Trush (Daniel's Music Foundation)

Erin Dinan (One Sandwich at a Time)

Melissa Zuk (Purses for Nurses)

Kelley Louise (Impact Travel Alliance)

Nezry Bastien (Brooklyn Center for Quality Life)

Talent Management

Ben Abdallah AbdelKarim (BIL Tunisia)

Daniel Trush (Daniel's Music Foundation)

Rami Abouemira (Identify Yourself)

Labor of Love

Sister Bisi (Imani House)

Robert Sanfiz (Spanish Benevolent Society/La Nacional)

Phi Pham (Building Beats)

Katie Kerr (The Impact Network)

Nelson Vilaruba (Trees NY)

I would like to send a big thank you to Ole Kirkeng for lending us his music for this episode. Be sure to follow this obviously talented NYC musician on his Instagram and Facebook pages!

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See you next month for the Environment Episode!



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