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The Music Episode! with Building Beats, the Jazz Foundation of America and Daniel's Music Founda

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This episode I talk to three organizations that use the transformative and healing power of music to help people throughout NYC. We hear about budding middle school musicians to 90 year old veterans of the industry still gigging. And all a whole lot in between.

And don't forget to join us for some networking, fundraising and 90's Hip Hop at Nonprofit Mixtape '18!

Learn more about these organizations:

Building Beats: Website / Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud / Youtube

Jazz Foundation of America: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Daniel's Music Foundation: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

I want to firstly say thank you to DJ Syncro for the songs featured throughout the podcast! Learn more about his music by checking out his Soundcloud, Instagram or Facebook. And of course a huge thanks to Brian "Mailman" Maehl for co hosting. And finally, to the relatively new home of the podcast, the Center for Social Innovation for being an outstanding recording space.

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Brooklyn, NY, USA