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"I had 55,000 youth following me like bees!" Lessons for my Daughters, Global Learning Tru

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We have got a supersized Nonprofit Tangent episode for you today! We're packing your happy meal full of three fantastic interviews; You'll get stories from the passionate Carmin Caterina’s education nonprofit, "Lessons for my Daughters," the amazing Ambassador Rubina Ali and the Global Learning Trust and the charming Rami Abouemira who has a number of projects that seeking to counter Islamophobia.

We start with Queens native Carmin Caterina’s organization “Lessons for my Daughters.” In a system that values test scores more and more, Carmin’s organization steps in to fill in the missing pieces and works to create a more complete education system for young girls.

We then move to hear Ambassador Rubina Ali’s captivating story through being a very successful tax auditor in Texas to a Boy Scout leader to social worker and ultimately moving to Pakistan where she has become an important leader in the movement for global peace.

Then we end by hearing Rami Abouemira describing how an all too familiar Islamaphobic Facebook rant inspired “Identify Yourself,” a project that highlights the wonderful humanity and diversity of the Muslim-American community.

Lessons for my Daughters: Web Site / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Linkedin / Pintrest

Ambassador Rubina Aliand the Global Learning Trust: Web Site / Linkedin / Twitter / Youtube Video

Rami Abouemira, Identify Yourself and Translating Muslims (Update 4/22/19, Renamed podcast coming soon): Web Site / [Soon-to-be-renamed podcast] / Youtube

My thanks to all three of my guests their time and energy. Also my thanks to the NYC Nonprofit Young Nonprofit Professionals where I met Rami Abouemira and to the Center for Social Innovation community which connected me with Carmin Catherina. Finally my thanks to Daiza for the use of her music this episode. Check out her Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud page to hear more!

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