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"Never try to have rules. We have no rules." BIL Tunisia and Purses for Nurses

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If Nike sponsored nonprofit entrepreneurs like they do quarterbacks, both AbdelKarim of BIL Tunisia and Melissa of Purses for Nurses would have their own slick, overly-produced commercials complete with slow motion cameras... a sweet soundtrack... shots of them staring dramatically into the dist--ok, you get it. What I'm clumsily saying is this episode’s theme is "Just Do It." Despite very different missions, you'll hear that both founders thrive while learning on the fly. In fact, if you listen real close you can hear a glimmer of joy when they talk about pushing their respective teams to do the same.

We’ll start with a call to a palm treed park in Tunisia where AbdelKarim Benabdallah told me about how his organization is supporting youth-led conferences throughout the country and countering the rote, dull standards of the traditional education system and media there. And with a top-five list no less!

I then caught Purses for Nurses founder Melissa Zuk at the Center for Social Innovation as she prepares for their first fully funded trip to Peru. We talk about setting difficult deadlines, the careful balance of doing lasting work abroad and, well, purses. If you're catching this episode before Melissa comes back from Peru, check out this blog post to support the trip, for more info and to follow their progress!

BIL Tunisia: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Youtube / Flickr

Purses for Nurses: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pintrest / Amazing Perspective

This episode’s thanks go to friend of the podcast, Kelley Louise and The Impact Travel Alliance that connected me to both AbdelKarim through Twitter AND Melissa through a Be Social Change networking event they sponsored. Also, I did my first of what I hope are many interviews at the amazing Center for Social Innovation. My thanks to Melissa for showing me around.

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