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"There’s a lot of miracles that go along with the kind of work I do" Imani House, Inc.

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Ahoy, Welcome aboard! We're christening season 2 of Nonprofit Tangent with some top-shelf champagne and setting of with a cargo hold full of terrific interviews. This season we've set course for locales as exotic as the snow-crusted streets of Brooklyn, summery Pakistan, balmy Mexico and beyond. Does this metaphor still make sense? Probably not but don't let that stop you from battening the hatches and walking the plank with us!

First stop is Liberian and Park Slope institution Imani House, Inc. Founder and Executive Director Sister Bisi Ideraabdullah walks me through the complex backstory of how her NGO, forged in the brutal Liberian civil war, came to establish a headquarters in Park Slope helping local immigrants and families while continuing to provide services in Liberia. Then we're all invited to join their "Let's Dance!" fundraiser on Thursday, March 29th and "Walk to Live" event coming up on June 2nd!

Imani House Inc. Website / Get tickets for "Let's Dance!" on 3/29 / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Youtube

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