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"I Want to Stay in Someone's House in Katmandu" Travel+SocialGood and the BCQL

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Among the storms, tragedies and general destruction that has come to define our world (or at least the news), it can sometimes feel like we should be donating more of our money instead of spending it on ourselves. Especially when we're eyeing something special like a vacation. But our first organization is looking to ease your conscience and put your big bucks to big use. Travel+SocialGood has an expanding empire of hubs around the world working to make sure your hard earned pesos, yuans and dinars make it to local businesses, reduce inequality and support sustainable causes. Director Kelley Louise shares the organization's origin story and some of the exciting ideas the hubs across the globe are pushing to turn the tourism industry into a force for good.

Update: It has been months since recording this interview so Kelley has sent me several updates from Travel+Social Good that are alluded to in the interview:

  • They now have more than 200 volunteers worldwide, and 26 Hubs around the world. They're in the process of onboarding teams in Melbourne and Sydney, which will be their first in Australia.

  • Their Lead Coordinator from Kathmandu, who Kelley mentioned in the interview, will be coming to NYC to speak at the Global Summit.

  • The Sao Paulo hub has launched since recording the interview and has already hosted several other events (including their next, which is on innovation and technology in tourism).

  • They've announced the Summit theme, which is on transparency within the industry. More on that here.

Production side note: this is the interview that gave me the title for the site. Props to Kelley for inadvertently coming up with the name. (Is it time yet for "props" to make a comeback?)

Then I sit down with friend, coworker and a volunteer leader for Brooklyn Center for Quality Life, Nezry Bastien, who tells us about the organization's first ten years supporting Brooklyn's immigrant communities which is now reaching more people than ever. We hear about the families she's met and one cool story about how respect for the organization helped a "missing" projector make its way back.

Travel+SocialGood Website / Summit / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / The Culture Collective

Brooklyn Center for Quality Life Website / Facebook / Twitter

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