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"It created community around trees" Trees NY and Mission: Restore

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Hello my fellow New York urbanites! Maybe you're annoyed by those wooden things bottlenecking the sidewalk. Well it turns out they're called "trees" and they come from science!

For the kickoff episode I talk with Nelson Villaruba, the Director of Trees NY which helped plant a million trees (to which I questioned insightfully "wait, does that mean you planted a million trees?") with their army of citizen pruners throughout NYC making playgrounds cooler, the air cleaner and generally making the city more habitable. Learn how urban decay of the 70's birthed this organization which brings you greener and greener boroughs every summer!

I also took a few minutes to follow up with Karina Nagin, Director of Mission Restore. We first connected a couple of years ago in an old episode of the BQ Podcast. Hear how surgeons visiting and mentoring hospitals in developing countries have improved the lives of those they touch.

Learn more about both wonderful organizations by following these links:

Trees NY (Website / Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin / 2016 Year in Review)

Mission Restore (Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / BQ Podcast)

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